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How To Contour Post-Festive Abs Like A Pro

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Hands up if you’ve eaten one-to-many mince pies and overindulged on prosecco this Christmas?

We know we have? And whilst we don’t regret one second of it, we’re never going to say no to instant abs! Tan contouring is something spray tan professionals have been using for years to create a bs and muscular definition with self-tan, and we’re here to tell you how!

Our Advanced Pro Fast Response Tanning Mist is a great option for Tantouring, with an instant c olour guide, it will develop into a light glow after 1 hour, a medium tan after 2 hours and a deep bronzed tan after 3 hours or longer. This tan works well because not only does it give a beautiful deep bronzed glow, but it also dries quickly, leaving you with more time to get on with your day!

One of the most problematic areas for us girls has to be our stomachs. We believe all tummies are beautiful, but a little extra confidence never hurt and that can be easily achieved with the help some strategic tan application.

The aim here is to sculpt out where abs would naturally be, but keep it subtle at the same time. Evenly apply our Advanced Pro Fast Response Tanning Mist to the sides of the stomach, blending with a tanning mitt. The aim is to create parallel lines, with a slight ‘bracket-like’ curve. These lines should start beneath the ribcage, down either side of the bellybutton, stopping just above your bikini line. Use your mitt to blend slightly but ensure the guide colour remains the shape you’re after, so careful not to over-blend at this stage.

The finished result is a simple optical illusion of a leaner, longer torso. Finally put your feet up and leave to develop for 3 hours or even overnight to allow for an even deeper tan to, creating depth where abs would naturally be and giving you a gorgeously toned torso!

Happy contouring and don’t forget to tag us this TANuary @stmoriz

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