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How To Fix A Tanning Mishap

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

In a perfect world, we’d all take care of our tan prep with meticulous exfoliation.

Applying oil fee moisturisers and taking time to make sure we’ve evenly applied our colour to a streak-free golden glow. Then again, in a perfect world we’d be getting 8 hours sleep a night and working our four times a week (shout out to our gym bunny babes who make this happen!).

We realise not everyone has hours to spend perfecting their tan, and sometimes a rushed tan is better than no tan at all! If you’re looking for an instant option for a quick glow, you’ll want to stick with something like our Advanced Pro Ultra Finish which works like body make-up to perfect and conceal blemishes, whilst being fully washable in case of a tan mishap.

If you’ve gone the more permanent route and managed to miss a spot, or even better over-apply in an area (elbows and knees we’re looking at you!) then fear not, we’ve got you covered. Another common issue is if applying new tan over old tan, a stubborn residue often builds up that can’t be shifted with your usual exfoliant, we’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another!

To tackle these tan woes, we’ve recently launched our Advanced Pro Formula Self-Tan remover for situations exactly like this. Simply apply liberally to dry skin and leave for at least five

minutes to work it’s magic. Then take a warm soaked washcloth in the shower or exfoliating glove, and gently remove in circulate motions, lifting unwanted tan as you go.

Simple eh?! Another added bonus here is the unique exfoliating properties will leave your skin softer and smoother than you thought possible, so an all-round win-win! Your perfectly prepped base is now ready for a clean application of even colour, easy as that.

Happy tanning and don’t forget to tag us this TANuary @stmoriz

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